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She’s one of the best female rock singers with a voice so powerful and an attitude to match. As was regular at the Noorderligt, a DJ played after the show and the doors would open to the general public.At one point I noticed the backstage door open and a petite figure wearing a hoodie came out and started dancing.Safe Haven also offered psychological assistance and they held conversations with her about religion and culture.She was matched with a buddy and they organised meetings with the Gender team of the Amsterdam VU University and with people with similar experiences. A Dutch aunt who knew he was homosexual more of less forced him to tell his parents, which he eventually did, together with her.Napo is part of the Italian hip hop duo Uochi Toki who are tonight performing with Nadja, who are on glorious form (as is the other Italian musician working on electronics, Riccardo 'Rico' Gamondi).With good reason the combination of heavy metal and hip hop is treated in most circles with the kind of caution reserved for unexploded bombs.I work alternately on assignments, and on my own projects.

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They also assisted in applying for unemployment benefit and even supplied an advance payment.

Whatever impact Baker sometimes loses on record due to his bewilderingly prolific output he can still totally bring it live and tonight is only the second of 58 times he's playing during this festival.

I saw Skunk Anansie live in Tilburg in 1997 and I was completely blown away, particularly by Skin, the singer.

Then we will return you to the border recharged and ready for your next adventure.

Crying is a common human action, and it can be triggered by many different emotions.

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