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It was her birthday and she was in Beverly Hills and I was in Dundrum," Patrick said."Obviously LA is eight hours behind, so it was around tea time with her, and I texted her 'Happy Birthday' from a little Irish pub." "It was around two o'clock in the morning and closing time.I have lived a life where I’ve met lots of incredible people and been to lots of places, so it takes a lot to blow my socks off.But what did it was this man who had the confidence to say what he wanted, to fly halfway around the world to get it.” Cat also spoke about their son Milo and how their busy lives mean he has his own routine.

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That's how we kept it a secret."The thing is we didn't want a big wedding.

But now as new parents they miss the stability of being back with family in the UK. "I miss my family more now that we have Milo - it's the same with Patrick's family. I like to think that home is wherever we are, but I do feel more of a pull back to the UK these days.

"I love the LA lifestyle but I'm happy to come back, too.

Following the arrival of their son Milo in January 2016, the comedian said he now finds himself so far down in the pecking order that even their dog gets better treatment. Patrick explained: "It's a bit more difficult whenever you've got Milo, when you've got the baby.

You have a dog: you're number three."So, basically, you just spend your life just going down the pecking order and doing what you're told."The Irish TV presenter and his wife live with their one-year-old tot in Los Angeles, though the difficulty of travelling with a little one means that the couple haven't been able to return home to their beloved UK as often as they would like.

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