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To get to Cairns way up the western coast, it takes about 30 hours from Brisbane.

There are good public transport options across the city, while Crisps Coaches connects the city with the Southern Downs via a daily service.

And if you’re a woman, plunged into a society where men vastly outnumber women, and where marriage is the norm, it’s even more so.gave female expats pause for thought, demonstrating a – fortunately, rare – dark side to the sunshine lifestyle in the Gulf.Examples like these inevitably provoke questions, and so we spoke to four women who’ve lived and worked in some of the most popular destinations in the region – the UAE, Qatar and Oman – to find out what life is really like for a single woman living there.I enrolled in a beginner’s class and during the very first session, after a mere ten minutes, I felt a surge of calmness unlike anything I had experienced before in my adult life.In the days that followed, I learned that incorporating meditation into daily life is a great way to improve one’s mental health, but beyond that, regular practice of this ancient discipline has physical health benefits as well, including reduction of hypertension and relief from tension related body pains. With origins dating back thousands of years, different types of meditations have been in practice all over the world, the most popular of which today are transcendental and mindfulness meditation.

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