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This document describes the JSDoc annotations currently supported.In addition to objects, methods, and properties, the Java Script Intelli Sense window also provides basic word completion for the symbols in your file.Throw a Cinco de Mayo party and have your friends come over to test.If you dig up a problem, let us know at, and be sure to provide a simple test case using or to demonstrate the problem.

When type inference does not provide the desired information, type information may be provided explicitly with JSDoc annotations.

Ryan Stinnett, Robert Katic, Juriy Zaytsev, James Burke, Jeffery To, Carl Fürstenberg, Jacob Wright, Jeff Robinson, Christian C.

Salvadó, Andrée Hasson, Jason Webster, Dave Furfero, Adam Sontag, Travis Hardiman, DBJDBJ, and Ben Alman.

This is the third minor release on top of j Query 1.4, fixing some bugs and landing some nice improvements.

I would like to thank the following community members that provided patches and input for this release: Anton M., Justin Meyer, Colin Snover, Ryan Tenney, Louis-Rémi Babé, David Petersen, Rick Waldron, Dave Reed, John-David Dalton, temp01, Heungsub Lee, J.

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