Invalidating a patent in china

The invalidation of all the US patents has claimed in the US court.

One of those patents, US8,362,605, is a counterpart of the China patent 200780015100. Harvatek has confidence that the official declaration in China reveals invalidation of the US counterpart.

Unfortunately for the Intellectual Property industry, there is no single accepted or consistent measure for patent quality.

Some say “low quality patents” refer to Chinese Utility Models because they are not examined, while others also include Chinese Design Patents as well.

Sound trade marks will now be protectable in China, as they are in New Zealand.

The day after you publish your patent it isn't new anymore.However, while speeding up the registration process is undoubtedly beneficial, the real impact for NZ businesses/their IP advisors is that we need to really be on our toes in responding to Examination Reports/filing appeals against Examiner’s rejections of applications in a timely manner.Note that among patent attorneys, “patent quality” has a different nuance from “patent strength”.Most countries only allow patenting of something that has absolute novelty as of the day of filing.But if the examiner doesn't see your prior art, then the other guy might get an allowance.

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