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In the 1960’s Chris Blackwell brought in special American musicians to play with The Wailers to help their music crossover.

I did the same thing in a modern way using samples – for example, Oh Carolina sampled Duane Eddy’s Peter Gunn and Mr Boombastic sampled Marvin Gaye’s Let’s Get It On.

Similarly, as most locals take a great deal of pride in their appearance, grubbing around in a crumpled T-shirt speckled with last night’s jerk sauce is a guaranteed way not to be taken seriously.

In terms of general dress codes, though, you’ll want something smart if you plan on clubbing, and men will need long trousers if planning to dine at the better restaurants (jackets are required only at the most expensive places).

'He Said, She Said' is an adults-only production that enters the sometimes delightful and sometimes disturbing sex/gender dialogue from a place of playful provocation.

It's an eclectic collection of skits, songs, poetry and parodies that delve into some popular perceptions, tease out touchy taboos, and confront common contradictions.

They expertly engage the exhilarating edge of 'naughty' with entertaining stuff that will make you laugh, think and talk.

Jamaica can be quite a paradoxical place; it’s fine to turn up at a sound-system party wearing little more than a few strips of fabric, but wear your bikini anywhere away from the beach and you’re likely to cause offence.Mad Cobra hit #1 on the Billboard Rap chart in 1992 with the gold selling single "Flex".In fact he's only the second ever reggae artist to achieve that feat in over thirty years of trying.He burst onto the scene in 1993 with a remix of the ska classic Oh Carolina, but it was Boombastic that launched his international career in 1995.We ‘tuned in’ to his interview with You can’t walk your music into other people’s cultures and expect to be accepted.

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