Updating ipod touch from 1 1 5 to 2 0

Yes, Apple is still signing i OS 6.1.3 for the i Pod Touch 4th Gen.

So you should be able to upgrade to it through i Tunes when it prompts you to update it.

Furthermore, it does not fit in Apple's i Phone accessories such as their leather cases.

As of May 2013, 100 million i Pod Touch units had been sold since 2007.

Also, OTA updates are usually not available for jailbroken phones, so you'll have to update via i Tunes.

In the text below the engraving, look for the model number.

But, given Apple's previous history with server overloads and millions of people downloading the update at the same time, it's always more reliable to update via i Tunes.

If you are jailbroken, you'll have suck it up and say goodbye.

If you need more space for a wireless update, you can update using i Tunes or delete content manually from your device.

Whether you use i Tunes or update wirelessly, you'll have the same amount of free space on your device after you update.

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