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Lopez, 55, duly wrote a series of columns about Ayers and the extraordinary life of this alternately brilliant and distracted street musician who lived in tunnels and doorways, believed Beethoven to be the leader of Los Angeles, and refused to accept help and the offer of accommodation.The journalist was utterly unprepared for the outpouring of emotion his columns would produce.On the 2008 US Olympic team, Lopez was accompanied by his siblings [Mark] and [Diana].All three of them medaled, with Steven taking bronze (80 kg), Mark silver (68 kg) and Diana bronze (57 kg).

The dream of every journalist is to stumble across a story so compelling that it sparks a book deal and then – the author’s Holy Grail – a Hollywood movie.

Prior to Time Inc., Lopez was a columnist at the Philadelphia Inquirer, the San Jose Mercury News and the Oakland Tribune.

His work has won numerous national journalism awards for column writing and magazine reporting.

He will be responsible for leading i Moderate’s entry into new markets and cultivating strategic new client relationships.

Lopez joins i Moderate after serving as President and CEO of One Touch Point Mountain States, where he oversaw all operations during their record setting growth, while achieving industry-leading profitability resulting in the sale of the company.

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